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Saturday, March 15, 2008

SPecial Thanks

I want to thank everyone who came...
and came hard.

If this is your first visit to the site..
feel free to take your time going through the posts leading up to the 15th,
but I suggest looking back on this site every so often to see the
BRAND NEW Raid pics from our town, and around the country.

Do not forgive
Do not forget

April 12, 2008 Operation Reconnect (thanks to anon for reminder)
Be there for the ones who can't be.

PS.. from the WOG blog, Jenna Miscavige Hill asks Mr. Bunker to help distribute
this, her account recently with Scientology, and he asks the same of you.

PPS.. It seems that a number of supporting sites are down at the moment.. Don't be discouraged. These sites should be back soon.
For now, I suggest a few moments of reflection.
Have a nice day.


Anonymous said...

as far as i know, reconnect is 12 april, not 15.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Operation: Reconnect is April 12th.

Please see JOIN THE FUN - Operation: Reconnect